Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shellac: New Spring Colors 2013

New CND Shellac colors for Spring 2013

I am so excited for pastels!! YAY :)


  1. hey, I recently passed my UV gel polish course and in the process of building up my colours. I have Rubble, Negligee, Studio White, Dark Lava (my absolute fav) and Wildfire. I am in love with CND Shellac! Do you know if these Springtime colours are limited edition or staying in the full line? There's so many colours that i want! Love your blog, you've given me so many ideas for layering Shellac Stacey x

  2. YAY ~ congrats on your passing the course! I don't know if the new spring colors are limited or permanent. I'll try to find out for you and let you know!! Thanks for the kudos, Stacey! Happy Shellac-ing to you ;)